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Dec 21, 2018 · Make sure your teen understands the risks of texting while driving. Tell your teen that texting while driving isn't allowed under any circumstances and set an example by avoiding the behavior. Create an agreement with your teen that commits you both to distraction-free driving. Research demonstrates that driving distractions are greater for teens. According to the PEW research, 52% of teens stated they text and drive!! Addiction. 15% of teens send more that 200 texts a day - one text every few minutes throughout their waking hours. Texting is the first and last thing teens .

Specifically, teens are more susceptible to several distracting actions while behind the wheel. Texting & Driving. Texting and driving is a problem for all drivers, regardless of their age. Reading or sending a text is a distracted driving triple-threat because it falls into all three categories—it. Cell phone use while driving statistics and texting and driving facts show that this behavior is common and dangerous for teen drivers. According to the National Safety Council, 1.2 million car crashes in 2013 involved drivers talking on the phone, and at least 341,000 involved text messaging.

Jan 02, 2019 · It helps to reduce the risks of texting while driving. It is completely hands-free to ensure the safety of your teen driver. Cons: There are no major downsides to the use of this app. Textecution. This is another handy app for your teen drivers also related to texting while driving. Jan 02, 2019 · Teen drivers are often accused of texting while driving most often, but recent data show that's not the full story. See updated texting and driving statistics for 2019.