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Aug 27, 2015 · I spilled some latex paint on my vinyl laminate floors and wooden dining room chairs while painting them a few months ago. I never got around to try removing the paint. What would be the easiest way to remove this paint. Thank you. Alcohol is a well-known cleaning agent for dried latex paint. The solvents in commercial latex paint removers are various types of alcohols, but you can use isopropyl -- or rubbing -- alcohol as well as denatured alcohol from the paint store. You may also have luck removing dried paint stains from furniture and floors using a dilute solution of ammonia and water.

How to Remove Paint From Vinyl Siding By braniac. SAVE; Sometimes your vinyl siding getting vandalized, sometimes you accidentally splashed a little paint on it while painting something else. Here are some tips on trying to remove the unwanted pain. Goof off, or goo gone are excellent products for removing almost anything from anything. How To: Remove Paint from EVERYTHING Removing paint spills from linoleum or vinyl floors—without damaging the surface—can be tricky. and a lot of patience can remove latex paint Author: Donna Boyle Schwartz.

Here is a simple step-by-step guide for removing spray paint, water-based paint, or oil-based paint without damaging your vinyl siding, as well as a tip on the best type of paint to use if . When all of the paint is removed, fill a bucket with warm water and mild soap. Clean the entire area to remove any remaining product that may be left on the floor. Additional Tips and Ideas. Murphy Oil Soap has been found effective in removing paint from vinyl floors as well. It is readily available at most department and home improvement stores.