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What kind of strip blackjack mode do you want to play: real mode or fiction mode? You have chosen that you want to play in the real mode. In this mode you can participate in a game of strip poker against public-known people: Celebrities Tables: You can play with 4 female celebrities from this list: Author: 57. What kind of strip blackjack mode do you want to play: real mode or fiction mode? Fiction Mode. In this game mode, you can play against fictional TV, videogames or animation film characters or against author’s and your own fictional OC characters if you want.Author: 57.

Playing Strip Vegas Blackjack is very easy. This is a wonderful opportunity to hone one's gambling skills without spending money and to see the beautiful girl strip in front of you. The first step you need to take to play the game is to choose between two modes: Normal and Expert. If you want to how to play blackjack in Vegas, here’s our brief guide: Classic blackjack vs. Vegas Strip. Vegas Strip is founded on the basic tenets of classic American blackjack. If you’re already playing the regular version, the Vegas-style should be easy to grasp. The biggest difference is that Vegas is played in a fixed four-deck table.

It is easy to play game, but remember, she also knows how to play blackjack and win. But we have something to offer you. These tips will be good for any of your games, and within this particular one as well. In you have two 8-valued cards, split them! They will help you to . Play Strip BlackJack against Playboy models and other stunnging girls. This is a strip version of classic casino game of Blackjack.