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being a better teen driver - How can I help my teen become a better driver?

Whether a teen is practicing or driving alone, a teen and a parent (or other trusted adult) should work together to help the teen become a safe and skilled driver. Teens should expect their parents to model safe driving behaviors, to help navigate and offer support throughout the learning-to-drive process and then, to monitor and support Author: Flaura Koplin Winston, M.D., Ph.D. Help Your Teen Be a Better Driver. Access to third party sites is at the user's own risk, is being provided for informational purposes only and is not a solicitation to buy or sell any of the products which may be referenced on such third party sites.

How to help your teenager be a better driver Timothy Smith, Author and Teen Driving Expert, shares advice for parents on ways that they can help their teenager be a better, safer, and smarter driver So yes, you as parents are well qualified to help your teens become safer, smarter drivers. And finally, one important thing you can do as a. Jul 28, 2019 · The following five stages of drivers education will help you figure out how to best help your teen develop good driving skills. In each stage, your teen should be proficient at the skills being taught before moving on to the next stage. Each stage will likely take several behind-the-wheel experiences for your teen, so don't try to move too fast.

Jan 17, 2019 · The first year is always the most dangerous with teen drivers and experience is better than age when it comes to accident statistics. According to a 2014 study done by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, the first months of licensure are the most dangerous, despite the age of the new driver.Author: Mark Vallet. For the next several hours of driving practice, stick to low-speed, low-traffic roads. Try to take a different route each time to be sure your teen is getting the variety needed to become a safe driver. Also consider working with a driving instructor. Driving on the highway. Driving on a multi-lane highway for the first time can be scary.